Yogi and my daughter, Maryann, at an AKC Rally Show in 2013 

My husband and I truly enjoyed raising German Shepherds for 20 years.
We started in 1997 , and had our last litter in 2017.  
We bought Champion line dogs from all over the USA and Canada, as well as importing 2 Top German Sieger line dogs from Hungary.
We focused our breeding objectives on health and temperament.

We now have 5 Shepherds, all beloved family members.
Our one female, Tuesday, represents the culmination of our breeding program, with her steady nerves, very friendly disposition, medium drive, and sound health.

Although we were considering breeding her in the future, 
we had not planned on the current litter with Yogi.  
But it is with great anticipation, that we await the arrival of the new bundles of joy, our Creator's precious little gifts!


Pictured above is Angelic's King of Asgaard, "Odin". He is 10 1/2 and still running around the countryside with us in top form.  
 Sir Bear Shutzhunt Selte, "Bear" is 8 and the sire we may breed Tuesday with in the future. 
Commander Riker von Gaard is 6. He's neutered and Tuesday's constant companion.  They  love chasing rabbits together, although have yet to catch one!

Pictured to the left is a good friend of mine with her dog Elsa to the right and Yogi, Elsa's sire, to the left.