Baron KarlyXYogi 2015 1yr

Baron, Karly and Yogi 2015


Thor, Yogi and Karly 2015, 1 yr old


Bode, Yogi and Karly 2015


Ruger, Pebbles and Odin 2015

Meeka03102016aa 800x708

Meeka, Ellie and Odin 2015

Sidney, Pebbles and Odin 2015

Sidney, Pebbles and Odin 2015


Yugo, Karly and Yogi 2015

Jozie NadiaXYogi 1yr

Jozie, Nadia and Yogi 2015

Bourbon Karly and Yogi 20160114_173535 800x1422

Bourbon, Karly and Yogi 2015

Missy Odin and Ellie 2015 3.13.16

Missy, Ellie and Odin 2015

Zeba Ellie and Odin 2015 800x1066

Zeba, Ellie and Odin 2015

Rudi and Liesl Feb 1st 2016

Rudi, Rose and Yogi 2014, and Liesl, Karly and Yogi 2015 (above)


Ziva, Pebbles and Odin 2015

Thunder03052016aa 800x607

Thunder, Ellie and Odin 2015

Bari PebblesXOdin 2015 6mos

Bari, Pebbles and Odin 2015, 6mos

Jemma PebblesXOdin 2015 6mos

Jemma, Pebbles and Odin 2015, 5mos

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